Mead Township Cemeteries

The Mead Township Board of Trustees provide this information freely from our records but cannot guarantee the accuracy of information taken from surveys, historical records, personal accounts, or other sources. It has been our experience that records can be fairly reliable with a certain degree of inaccuracy due to factors beyond our control.

For questions about cemeteries within the confines of Mead Township, please call or email the garage and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

This information on Mead Township cemeteries was compiled by Trustee Matt Merryman during March of 2019 from source documents in the Mead office as well as from the Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohio Historical Society, and PTT Global. This information will be updated as time allows. You can email him at with questions or concerns.

Pages are not numbered – click on a link to view a particular cemetery.

1. Mead Twp. Cemeteries by W.R. Whitlatch, July, 1975

2. Old Mead Twp. Map

3. Dent Cemetery Layout

4. Dent Cemetery Burials

5. McFadden Cemetery Layout

6. McFadden Cemetery Burials

7. Workman Cemetery Layout

8. Workman Cemetery Burials

9. Green’s Cemetery Layout

10. Green’s Cemetery Burials

11. Ray Ramsay Cemetery Layout

12. Ray Ramsay Cemetery Burials

13. Kirkland Cemetery Layout

14. Kirkland Cemetery Burials

15. Schroder Cemetery Layout

16. Schroder Cemetery Burials

17. Upper Wegee Cemetery Layout

18. Upper Wegee Burials

19. Lashley Cemetery Layout

20. Lashley Cemetery Burials

21. Lower Wegee Cemetery Layout

22. Lower Wegee Cemetery Burials

23. Big Run Cemetery Layout

24. Big Run Cemetery Burials

25. Big Run Cemetery property acquisition by PTT Global

26. Fort Pitt Cemetery Layout

27. Fort Pitt Cemetery Burials

28. Bethel Cemetery Layout (coming soon)

29. Bethel Cemetery Burials (coming soon)

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*Big Run Cemetery/PTT Global file click here

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