Mead Township will recognize and utilize the recommended Center for Disease Control and Ohio Department of Health practice of social distancing for public meetings/gatherings.

Last week, the Ohio Treasurer’s office announced the opening of the 2021 Ag-LINK application period.

During the application period, which will remain open through March 19, farm operators and agribusinesses can receive an interest rate reduction on new or existing operating loans up to $150,000.

Loans made available through Ag-LINK can help finance the upfront operating costs for feed, seed, fertilizer, fuel, and other costs.

You can learn more about Ag-LINK and the current application period by visiting the links listed at the conclusion of this email. Additionally, the Treasurer’s office regularly shares information and updates related to Ag-LINK via its Twitter and Facebook accounts (@OhioTreasurer).

By helping to spread the word to Ohio’s agriculture community, we hope more farmers and agribusinesses will consider the Ag-LINK program as they prepare for the upcoming growing season.
If you would like additional information on the Ag-LINK program, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time.

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